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Babies dumped as a result of Postpartum Depression

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Renowned medical practitioner, Dr. Aaron Mujajati says most mothers who dump their babies are victims of Postpartum depression.

Postpartum depression is a medical condition that many women suffer from after delivering their babies. The condition is characterized by strong feelings of sadness, anxiety and tiredness that last for a long time after giving birth.

Dr. Mujajati says this condition is often exacerbated by unsupportive or hostile conditions from their spouse and that severe cases can lead to Postpartum Psychosis.

Dr. Aaron Mujajati

In a video shared to his Facebook page, Dr. Mujajati says Postpartum Depression can last for up to a year but, is treatable.
Dr. Mujajati called on husbands to be supportive of their wives especially after delivery to prevent them such medical conditions.

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