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Government blamed for high mealie-meal prices

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The opening of the exports of the mealie meal to the Democratic Republic of Congo is the main cause of the commodity’s shortage in the country, CSO-sun has observed.

The prices of mealie meal are now ranging between K180 and K200 in some parts of the country with queues forming.

Civil society for Scaling up nutrition alliance country coordinator, Mathews Mhuru says Zambia was already experiencing the shortage of the Commodity.

Mr. Mhuru was speaking on the sidelines of the commemoration of the youth day under the theme” I take the lead in ensuring that Zambia is food and nutrition secure

And Mwandwe Chileshe, the Manager for Global citizens on the food security on hunger campaigns, said food security and Nutrition is a challenge not only for Zambia but for the region

Meanwhile, Action aid Country Director Nalucha Ziba says the high mealie meal prices were expected looking at the hiccups in the farming season in terms of the delivery of inputs.

Ms. Ziba has since urged government to put in place adequate measures so that the prices of the commodity can come down.

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