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LRA rebels seize teenagers in DR Congo raid

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Dozens of people have been abducted in the north of the Democratic Republic of Congo by the Lord’s Resistance Army, a rebel group originally from Uganda.

The latest attack near the border with the Central African Republic happened on Sunday and comes just days after hundreds of people were forced to flee to South Sudan because of the raids by the LRA.

The rebels attacked the village of Bili in Bas-Uele province in the middle of the day.

They looted shops and homes and then rounded up at least 50 people.

Still in foreign news, The Mozambican government has reopened the strategic port of Mocimboa da Praia in the oil-rich northern province of Cabo Delgado, two months after it was destroyed by Islamist militants.

The closure of the port had affected the availability of food and fuel in the region.

A militant group, known locally as al-Shabab, has intensified its attacks in recent weeks, temporarily seizing towns where it flew jihadist flags.

It is not clear whether it has any links to the Somali group of the same name.

Recently the Islamic State group claimed a string of attacks in the area.

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