Home Health Malaria deaths surge in Africa amid fight against covid-19.

Malaria deaths surge in Africa amid fight against covid-19.

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The World Health Organization is warning that malaria-related deaths in sub-Saharan Africa could more than double this year because of disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The health emergency has shut down large-scale treatment and prevention programmes around the globe.

In Kenya, medical workers say many people suffering from malaria are staying away from health facilities.

Still in Foreign News, All 68 inmates who escaped from a jail in South Africa’s Western Cape on Friday have been rearrested, the government says.

Prison officials were praised for “restoring stability” following a two-day manhunt.

The break-out happened after inmates at Malmesbury Prison “overpowered” staff during an exercise session.

They then locked three officers in a cell before freeing other prisoners and escaping over a roof, authorities said.

Previous reports said they had escaped while being transferred to court for trial.

South Africa’s prison body had originally said 69 inmates escaped, but the department of justice on Sunday said they were 68 in total.

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