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Malawi launches cash aid for virus-hit households

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Malawi’s President Peter Mutharika has announced an emergency cash transfer programme for the people worst affected by COVID-19.

Eligible households will receive a monthly payment of 35,000 Malawian kwacha by mobile cash transfer starting in May.

The announcement came after the High Court in Malawi extended an order preventing the government from implementing a three-week lockdown.

Human rights groups had complained that there was no safety net for the poorest people whose livelihoods would be affected.

The cash transfer programme would target just under one million people and small businesses affected by the coronavirus pandemic, President Mutharika said yesterday.

Still in Foreign News, Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has blasted MPs for allocating themselves a total of 10 billion Ugandan shillings to enable each of them to raise awareness about coronavirus.

The president said it was morally reprehensible to allocate funding to themselves instead of district committees created for that purpose.

President Museveni said he would ask the auditor general to investigate MPs who had already spent the money to buy relief items for their constituents.

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