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Mealie-meal prices likely to reduce before June

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Mealie Meal prices are likely to reduce before June due to the 140,000 metric tonnes of maize which will be offloaded on the market by commercial farmers, the Indaba Agriculture Policy and Research Institute has predicted.

Chance Kabaghe, the IAPRI Executive Director says this will also be supplemented with the other maize which will come from small scale farmers who will offload their produce on the market for sell.

Mr Kabaghe says currently Zambia is food secure and the 2019-2020 farming season produce will add up to the reserves which the country has at the moment.

In an interview, Mr Kabaghe says there is need to however ensure that the produce maize is kept safely to avoid wastage.

And Mr Kabaghe has advised government to make the Democratic Republic of Congo as a permanent market for Zambia as it has potential to earn revenue for both farmers and the country.

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