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Mweetwa apologizes to Parliament

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UPND Central MP Cornelius Mweetwa has apologized to parliament for walking out while he was on the floor of the house and while the Speaker of the National Assembly was addressing the house.

On Friday 28th February 2020, while on the Floor, Mr. Mweetwa walked out of the House and did not finish asking his question.

Rendering a ruling on a point of order raised by Nakonde MP Izukanji Siwanzi on whether Mr Mweetwa was in order to walk out of the house before he could finish asking his question, Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini said the act amounted to intentional disrespect to his office and the house.

Dr Matibini noted with concern that even when the Committee on Privileges, absences and support services gave Mr Mweetwa an opportunity to apologize, he sought to justify his misconduct.

The speaker who disagreed with the Committee’s recommendation to formerly warn Mr Mweetwa saying he deserved much stiffer punishment reprimanded him and warned that he will not tolerate misconduct and disrespect of the house


And rendering the apology, Mr Mweetwa promised to desist from such misconduct which was in contravention with the rules of the house.

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