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PeP opposes calls to adjourn parliament

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Patriots for Economic Progress, has opposed calls by certain opposition leaders for Parliament to adjourn sine- die, due to the growing numbers of COVID-19 cases among Members of Parliament as well as Parliamentary staff.

Sean Tembo, the party Leader says PeP’s view on this matter is that Parliament must not be shut down, but should embrace technology such as Zoom, so that MP’s do not have to physically be at the National Assembly in order to transact Parliamentary business. 

Mr. Tembo says his party is aware that some of the opposition leaders advocating for the shutting down of Parliament believe that it is a solution of opportunity to defeating Bill 10.

And Mr. Tembo is alarmed by the increasing number of new cases of COVID-19 as well as the surge in fatalities, saying this is directly attributable to Government’s reduced prioritization of the fight against COVID-19

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