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Rhinoceroses, popularly known simply as Rhinos are amongst the largest land animals on Earth. The name ‘Rhinoceros’ comes from the Greek “rhino” which means nose and “ceros” which means horn. All five species of Rhino have either one or two horns on their nose.

Collective Noun – a group of Rhinoceros is called a “crash” or a “herd.”

Mobility – Despite their great size, Rhinos are quite nimble and relatively fast. They can run up to speeds of about 48 kilometres per hour.

Skin – Rhinos have a thick protective skin that is approximately 1.5cm thick and are sometimes referred to as ‘pachyderms.’


Rhinos are solitary animals and both males and females establish their territories. They use their horns both for fighting other Rhinos for territory and mates and for defending themselves against protection predators such as Lions, Tigers and sometimes Hyenas. Rhino are also known for having poor eye-sight, but they have very good hearing and a keen sense of smell.

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