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Uncertainty grips ZESCO-CEC bulk power supply agreement

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Uncertainty surrounds the Bulk Power Supply Agreement between ZESCO and the Copperbelt Energy Corporation which expires today at midnight. 

Addressing Journalists this afternoon on the status of the agreements, Energy Minister Matthew Nkhuwa expressed sadness that after weeks of discussions, the end of the negotiations is still not in sight even a few hours before the expiry of the agreement.

 Mr. Nkhuwa said there are disagreements concerning the effective tariffs for both the power supplied to CEC as well as reciprocal transmission service charges. 

He adds that it has also come to Government’s attention in the past few weeks that CEC is not willing to sign an agreement with a 12-month tenure which has been the basis of all negotiations by the two parties.

He said CEC has indicated that it prefers an agreement of sixteen-year tenure with commercial terms that may not be favourable to Zesco, the government or the public in the long run.


And Mr Nkhuwa revealed that Government has put in place measures that will see Zesco automatically take over the supply of power on the Copperbelt Province effective mid night to CEC customers on an interim basis until further notice. 

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