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Younus Essa calls for quarantine of people arriving from India

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President of the Save Lives Foundation, Younus Essa has called for people travelling into the country from India to be quarantined prevent the importation of the Indian variant of the COVID19 virus which has devastated the Asian nation.

Mr. Essa says his organization is aware of a couple that did not quarantine themselves and have been mingling with other members of the public after arriving in the country from India last week. Mr. Essa expressed worry that the couple was certified negative despite coming from a COVID hot spot country.

Younus Essa

Mr. Essa said there is need to ensure that any person who has traveled from India is quarantined. India’s deadly second wave has devastated big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow and Pune. Hospitals and crematoriums have run out of space, and funerals are being conducted in car parks.

However, Minister of Health, Dr. Jonas Chanda says the information about he couple must be treated as a rumour until is it verified. Dr. Chanda further stated that government has not taken action because airport records have not provided any information of the couple in question.

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