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ZAMBEEF doubles payments to small-scale farmers

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Zambeef has revealed that it is now paying twice as much as it was last year to small-scale farmers for their cattle.

According to the company’s Chief Operations Officer, Mike Lovett, the rise was triggered by a shortage of cattle on the market as a result of the 2018/2019 drought, increased competition and a growing demand for meat.

Mr. Lovett made the announcement at the National Cattle Field Day in Namwala hosted by the Zambia National Farmers Union and Namwala District Farmers Association in collaboration with Zambeef. Mr. Lovett says production of livestock is very profitable and small-scale livestock farmers will benefit greatly from the price increases.

Mr. Lovett called on the Livestock and wider farming community to be relentless in promoting agriculture as the industrialization of the sector will only be possible if farmers across the spectrum are on-board. The C.O.O thanked government for the various infrastructure development programmes and interventions in curbing foot and mouth disease and other diseases and requested for more targeted and intensified infrastructure development in the transport sector as it is crucial for the reduction of the costs of doing business and the boosting of Livestock trade into the region.

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