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Zero COVID-19 cases in the last 72 hours

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“Zambia has for the third day in a row not recorded any new cases of COVID-19, leaving the number of cases at 39” Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya announced during a press briefing held at Ndeke House Yesterday

And Dr. Chilufya has disclosed that Zambia has discharged one more COVID-19 patient after posting another negative test, bringing the total of patients discharged to three.

Updating the nation on COVID-19 , Dr. Chilufya revealed that the Zambia National Public Health Institute conducted a total number of 56 tests in the last 24 hours and that none of them tested positive.

Dr. Chilufya said that a total number of 965 tests have so far been done.

The Health Minister revealed that 5,968 persons that were classified as high risk after travelling to COVID-19 hotspot countries are still under observation, out of which 1,544 have been discharged from the mandatory 14-day quarantine.

Dr. Chilufya also said that the number of alerts received by the rapid response team has risen to 280 but that all have been cleared as none cases.

He expressed happiness that the current statistics show that the interventions put in place are yielding results but insisted that much still needs to be done. 

Meanwhile, Dr. Chilfuya disclosed that the New Residence hotels at the University of Zambia have been declared as a public quarantine facility where essential workers who include cross-border truck drivers will be quarantined.

Dr. Chilufya also said that Zambia has received more testing reagents from the African Centre for disease control that will see more tests being done so as to reduce the rate of person to person infection.

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